Het-Heru and Tefnut (Kemet/Egypt): African Art and Painting by Josh Sessoms Art. Gold Sculpture of Djehuti. Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham and New York.

Date: 2015
Medium: Pastel, Colored Pencil & Charcoal
Dimensions: 18"x24" (45.72 x 60.96 cm)

The name Hetheru translates to house of light or house of enlightenment. She is the Kemetic neter who inspires the soul to overcome the negativity within the ego. She is the endless cosmic source of energy which enlivens the multiverse.

Hetheru represents spiritual power and sexual energy that manifests through all aspects of creation. Her cow horn crown symbolizes the fountain of nourishment (milk) which gives rise to Ra (the sun disk in the middle).

Tefnut (to the right of Hetheru) is the neter of water and moisture. She embodies the powerfully feminine aspect of deep waters and intution. Tefnut is the mother of Nut (the sky) and Geb (the earth).

*Hetheru & Tefnut are accompanied by Djehuti (in ibis form) at their feet. This neter is articulate thought, speech, action and wisdom.