Mother of the Neteru (Kemet/Egypt): African Art and Painting by Josh Sessoms Art. Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham and New York.

Date: 2015
Medium: Colored Pencil & Charcoal
Dimensions: 14"x16" (35.56 x 40.64 cm)

Neteru represents the manifestation of Kemetic* deities in the natural world. Nature is a divine force with a vast array of elements which represent its spirituality and cosmic energy. From nature life comes forth and continues in a perpetual universal cycle. Kemetic women of the throne and wives of the Nswt-Bity* (translated as ruler of Upper and Lower Kemet) were referred to as the Hemet Nswt Weret. They were also called the Mother of the Neteru.

*Kemet (Kmt) means the Black Community. It is referred to in modern times as Egypt.
*Nswt-Bity is the original name of the rulers of Kemet - today they are called pharaohs.