"Turning toward the opening of the soul."

Josh Sessoms is a contemporary artist focusing on figures that encapsulate the mystery, dynamism and poetic nature of the African and Caribbean diasporas. Exemplification of grace, dignity, love, and power is a starting point from which he begins his artistic musings.

Sessoms uses the ethereal nature of imagery to infuse thematic and historical narratives with the realm of collective consciousness. Throughout his work references to ancient African-Caribbean cosmology, mythology, spirituality, philosophy, and science are found. 

His primary artistic objective is to inspire those within the African and Caribbean diasporas to revive their collective memories of divinity, royalty and cultural ingenuity. Through his imagery, he aspires to establish a cultural and intellectual dialogue with the viewer; from which collective innovative ideas can be built upon and implemented.


The Art Institute of Philadelphia
2010 | Bachelor of Science - Graphic Design
Philadelphia, PA, USA


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