Josh Sessoms Art: Bastet (Kemet/Egypt). Paintings and Prints. Scarab, Khepera, Jewelry. Natural Hair.

Date: 2015
Medium: Pastel, Colored Pencil & Charcoal
Dimensions: 14"x17" (35.56 x 43.18 cm)

Bastet is the Kemetic *Neter depicted, in her anthropomorphic form, as a female with the head of a cat. She is the daughter of Ra, the solar deity. Bastet (also known as Baset or Bast) is the embodiment of the principles of love, music and festivity. She is often shown holding a sekhem (sistrum instrument) and playing the music of the cosmic creator.  

*Neter is the original term used by the ancient Kemetu (today called Egyptians) to describe a deity.