Ritual Spirit (Kemet/Egypt): African Art and Painting by Josh Sessoms Art. Heru (Horus) and Ra as Falcon (Ra Heruakhety). Sculpture of Bes. Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham and New York.

Date: 2016
Medium: Colored Pencil
Dimensions: 18"x24" (45.72 x 60.96 cm)

'Ritual Spirit' channels the energy and healing properties of the 'Cippi of Heru.' Here sits a woman who, along with the crowned falcon as Ra' Heruakhety (Ra-Heru of Two Horizons), embodies virtue, heroism and enlightenment. Bes hovers above her head (and rests below her) simultaneously protecting and enhancing both her maternal and childbearing instincts. 

Sobek - in anthropomorphic form as the Nile crocodile - lay at her feet assuring that her feminine waters are fertile and strong. As she channels the power of the neteru within her; she harnesses the ability to completely heal all injuries, ailments and maladies.