Printing FAQ

What does the term "limited edition print" mean?

Limited edition refers to prints made in small quantities. Each edition typically contains less than one hundred copies of each print.  When these prints are sold out, they are usually never made available again. Each print in the edition is hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

How are your prints made?

The printers used are the Canon IPF9100 and Epson 9900: both wide format at 60" and 44" wide respectively. The Epson uses the latest HDR pigment ink-set, the Canon uses the Lucia pigment ink set. These ink sets create the widest ranging color gamut available in print while ensuring precision and accuracy. Both inks are archival and UV resistant - lasting for well over 200 years if properly stored and handled.

What type of paper do you use for your prints?

Red River Aurora White 250gsm Paper.  It is a refined 100% cotton acid-free paper that features crisp color tones and a semi-smooth surface. The acid-free base and coating prevents fading and discoloration.